B2+C1 online course package 

with teacher guidance

English books for grammar and conversation for advanced students offered for free

All books are included in the price and are available for download on the platform.

Total of 6 books!

Native teacher description teaching British English course

Your personal teacher

My name is Elizabeth, and I am your British English teacher!

I am passionate about teaching EASY British English and providing an
interactive learning environment.

This course combines B2 and C1 level language learning with a variety of interactive activities, including writing exercises, grammar practice, and conversation cues. The course features interactive videos to help you expand your vocabulary. Recorded by native speakers to help you understand any accent, the course also includes quizzes so that you can track your progress and make sure that you are mastering the material.

You will get access to:
  • Pre-recorded lessons which focus on both grammar and conversation
  • Listening exercise to challenge your listening and comprehension skills
  • Interactive comment sections where you can ask your teachers questions and receive prompt responses
  • Tips and tricks in professional and business English, ranging from a perfect resume to nailing a job interview! 
  • Exercises, quizzes and tests to review your progress and improve your abilities
  • Advanced information on appropriate social contexts to use different facets of the English language

Teacher guidance
  • Teachers will answer your questions in the comments section of each video
  • Get instant feedback on your answers from exercises, quizzes and tests 

Course books and materials 

You will get 4 e-books - two for the B2 level and two for the C1 level. All e-books and materials needed for the course are included in the course and are available on the online platform.

  •  Get your questions answered by native teachers!

  •  Send in exercises for correction

  •  Get personalised feedback and assistance 24/7

Native teacher description teaching British English course

Lesson preview: Writing styles

with teacher Elizabeth

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