A1 level online course

(includes A1.1 and A1.2)

with teacher guidance

A1 level English books included in the price
Education is the only investment you can never lose!

A1 level online course at Speak English will get you started on the way of learning English confidently and at your own pace and according to your availability!

The course is designed to introduce you to the language and build a strong foundation through a combination of grammar, writing, conversation and pronunciation lessons. You will get to track your progress throughout the course with our midterm and final exams, as well as by getting feedback on each exercise you complete. 

With instant access to our digital resources (videos with teacher explanations, texts, listening exercises and quizzes), tailor-made to meet your needs and goals, the A1 online course will provide you with the necessary tools to master a strong beginner level in English in a concise period of time. 

All e-books are included in the price!

English course with personal follow up from the teacher

Your personal teacher

My name is Elizabeth,
and I am your British English teacher!

I am passionate about teaching EASY British English and providing an
interactive learning environment.

An A1 level beginner English course is designed for individuals who have little to no prior experience in the English language. The course aims to provide basic knowledge and skills necessary for everyday communication in English.

Students will learn to:

  • introduce themselves and greet others
  • ask and answer simple questions
  • express basic needs and opinions
  • describe habits and routines
  • express actions with present simple
  • express actions with present continuous

Teacher guidance

Teachers will answer your questions in the comments section of each video. You can also send personalised emails to teachers to check your texts and other assignments.

Course books and materials 

You will get 2 e-books for the A1 level - one for grammar and one for conversation. All e-books and materials needed for the course are included in the price and are available on the online platform.

  • Get your questions answered by native teachers!

  • Send in exercises for correction

  • Get personalised feedback and assistance 24/7

Native teacher description teaching British English course

Preview of the A1 course introduction video

with teacher Elizabeth

Payment options

Instant access to the course upon completing the payment. Start learning today!